About Us

"... The Creativity and Skill Unity"

Dear friends!

Acoustic rock band "GOOD BAEV" welcomes you!
We are a team of talanted, like - minded and professional musicians who perform our favorite music, combining the authentic sound of worldwide known hits with our own worldview, expressed in author's songs.
Our band's members have been impregnated with musical aesthetics since their childhood and they have taken part in many rock, pop, and ethno-projects, sharing the same stage with many famous musicians of different countries.
The band's setlist is various, but at the same time, it is distinguished by refinement, careful selection and a reverent attitude to musical material.
The band has different experiences performing at a wide variety of venues: from "welcome" zones, cozy scenes in bars to large stages of rock clubs and rock festivals, including the main stage of the Russian Woodstock!
The atmosphere at our concerts is full of energy. It's charging with drive and positive and at the same time, it can put you into the pleasant memories, giving the opportunity to relax, to dream with the very genuine emotions of live music.

We are looking forward to see you at our concerts!

Best regards, GOOD BAEV band.


Alex Baev

Vocal and Cajon


Vlad Bondarenko

Acoustic guitar


Andre Osokin

Keys and vocal

Kirill Budantsev


Alexander Vorontsov

Bass and vocal